The Power of Outrospection

This amazing RSA Animation of Roman Krznaric’s talk on ‘Outrospection’… empathy as an art of living, social change, revolution…

Krznaric not only provide beautiful definitions of empathy, but also explains how we can nurture our curiosity and look at empathetic adventuring. How we can step into the shoes of another and experience their world view, their beliefs, their understanding… and from their make informed changes in our assumptions, allow ourselves to open up and become vulnerable and courages.

Check out more of Roman Krznaric at his empathy blog:

Giles Duley: When a reported becomes the story – TED talk

This is one of my all time favourite TED talks. Not only is it a powerful story, highlighting the various ways in which creative narratives/stories can be shared, but also the motive behind sharing the stories.

The importance of ‘shocking’ or creating that discomfort in the viewer, but done so beautifully, that it is not too much to handle.