Brene Brown – The Power of Empathy

Sorry for the small hiatus, not a lot has been happening, but I was in much need of some down time and as little brain stimulation and usage as possible… But alas I am returning to full steam ahead, with my brain ticking in all directions and fingers ready to tip tap away on my beautiful computer keyboard, which is slowly warming under my touch.

2014 baby, let the year begin!

Today, my mother, sent me this awesome and beautifully crafted RSA Animate by Brene Brown, who is probably one of my favourite speaker, researcher and all round awesome societal guru of all time. I am so inspired by her, that after 12 years of umm-ing and argh-ing about academia, I am actually considering things like Masters and PhDs, just so I have an excuse to read, research and explore the nitty gritty of empathy.

Any way, the RSA Animate… its on, yep you guessed it, EMPATHY!! It is so short and sweet and looks at the difference between sympathy and empathy… WATCH IT!!

Much love and RSA addiction,


The Power of Outrospection

This amazing RSA Animation of Roman Krznaric’s talk on ‘Outrospection’… empathy as an art of living, social change, revolution…

Krznaric not only provide beautiful definitions of empathy, but also explains how we can nurture our curiosity and look at empathetic adventuring. How we can step into the shoes of another and experience their world view, their beliefs, their understanding… and from their make informed changes in our assumptions, allow ourselves to open up and become vulnerable and courages.

Check out more of Roman Krznaric at his empathy blog: