I was interviewed by the Babyfacedassassin!!!

When I speak about my passions around positively changing individual and social trajectories, I use the term trajectories to speak of people’s paths, the road they travel along in the journey of life. Encompassing all that moves, ebbs and flows. Lifestyle, career, motivations, relationships, desires, families. Those webs and cycling wheels that keep us together and moving. With my background in social services and psychology my strongest passions lay in the trajectories of individual, community and society’s mental health and wellbeing.

Recently I was interviewed by the whole heartedly beautiful woman, mental health activist, author and life model, TheBabyFacedAssassin. She is a breath of fresh air and one of those people that appear in your life and that “ahhh yeah” moment appears and you realise you’re going in the right direction, you find mutual support and understanding and you get each other. I love Charlotte’s blog, I get sucked right into all the gritty material, all the wordcraft and wonderment. She is a woman of my heart, and a massive inspiration to me and my journey.

We spoke about why I have left Facebook, uncomfortable emotions, the importance of experience and the use of poetry and spoken word performance for self and others. To check out the interview, click here.

It’s the first time I have been interviewed deeply around my writing. And it was an amazing and inspiring process. We interviewed over Skype, so I had not a lot of time to deliberate and ‘prepare’ my responses, some thing as a writer I spend a lot of time doing. But this allowed me to just flow. Reading over what I had spoken was amazing. I cried. I was moved, and I can’t really pin point what moved me. Was it seeing words that had left my mouth crafted across a page? Was it The Babyfacedassassin’s way of structuring and the kind words she spoke about me? Was it, as I talk in the interview, the process of taking what is inside, outside, and processing it objectively?

What ever it was, was inspiring. And provided me with the opportunity to really look at why I write, why I am inspired by people, why I am passionate about narrative and creating poetry, why I love those around me, and myself, with unconditional positive regard.

As individuals, communities and society, our mental health and wellbeing is at the crux of our existence and I will always aim to nurture positivity in experience and depth of feeling.

Thank you Charlotte Claire, you inspire!!

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